Watch out for Alcatraz Ticket Shams

In 2019, we found on many online OTA’s including that there were people uploading experiences onto “TripAdvisor Experiences”, which displays on, suspicious Alcatraz ticket combos. One combo we found on is a person who is buying Alcatraz tickets for $39 direct from the Parks Service concessionaire and selling the combo for $120 to $130 per person, approximate, and including a slice of pizza or a sandwich with the Alcatraz ticket. These online OTA’s say that are just a platform, or just an algorithm and it would appear they don’t have much a policing presence or desires to police their networks. So when buying something on a platform you might be stuck with some shams every now and then.

Found on U.S. Department of Interior doesn’t care or have an idea on how to stop this.

When reaching out for comment to the Inspector General of the Department of Interior, they seem to be lost on this. Too complicated for them to understand what an online platform is? Maybe. This requires our government to not be lazy, up to date on online activities in order to police this activity.

To get the best price on Alcatraz tickets search for the “official Alcatraz Parks Service concessionaire.”