California Transportation Dilemma: Legal marijuana and commercial drivers

With marijuana being legal for recreational use, the State of California still has made it abundantly clear that transportation drivers must be fully drug tested for all drugs before being allowed to drive commercially. Whether it’s an Uber driver, a truck driver or a bus driver everyone needs to pass a drug test. This is a good thing for California to have done. California wants to focus on safe roads even though marijuana is available for recreational use.

Where is the dilemma? A lot of online companies are just trying to be platforms and these online companies are headquartered in California. California tends to like to protect their big online tech companies. Some of these big tech companies make good campaign donations too. for instance is arguably America’s biggest online search platform. Google could have advertisers that are just online platforms, themselves, that allow illegal tour operators to exist on those platforms and then this is how the marijuana user can get their fix in the tour industry and keep up their addictive habits at the same time. Google could be made aware of the advertisers who are doing this and might want to look the other way. In this example, we have a platform advertising another platform and you have deniability across-the-board.

In 2014, Google Inc agreed to create a $250 million internal program to disrupt rogue online pharmacies on their ad network. Naturally, this would imply that Google could be complicit if they were made aware that some of their online travel advertisers are enabling, aiding-abetting illegal tour operators on their websites.

The goal of all responsible businesses is to keep drivers with addiction issues off the road and not behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle.