• Google Ads [Adwords] allows and to Double Serve in tour-related keyword ad auctions
    For many months Google Ads has been allowing parent company TripAdvisor, Inc and its affiliate company, to both advertise in the same keyword auctions. The problem becomes exacerbated by the mere fact that these are keyword advertising auctions where advertisers bid for ad space rather than purchase a set ad space. TripAdvisor would like … Read more
  • More illegal operators found on TripAdvisor from Ethiopia to Hawaii Per the embedded link above, in April 2019, an Ethiopian person was complaining about illegal operators in Ethiopia that were found on the TripAdvisor networks. It's unclear where on TripAdvisor they were located. Per the embedded link above, two years ago, a TripAdvisor forum poster posted an opinion piece and warning about illegal … Read more
  • California Transportation Dilemma: Legal marijuana and commercial drivers
    With marijuana being legal for recreational use, the State of California still has made it abundantly clear that transportation drivers must be fully drug tested for all drugs before being allowed to drive commercially. Whether it's an Uber driver, a truck driver or a bus driver everyone needs to pass a drug test. This is … Read more
  • Watch out for Alcatraz Ticket Shams
    In 2019, we found on many online OTA's including that there were people uploading experiences onto "TripAdvisor Experiences", which displays on, suspicious Alcatraz ticket combos. One combo we found on is a person who is buying Alcatraz tickets for $39 direct from the Parks Service concessionaire and selling the combo for $120 … Read more
  • Downsides of illegal tour operators
    While the CPUC, City Attorney, State Senators and Inspectors General try to figure out what to do and how to handle illegal tour operators in CA, this blog is to point out some obvious downsides of illegal tour operators. Here are some issues to consider about illegal tour operators: 1. They don't drug test themselves … Read more